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2022-08-30 - 7:34 a.m.


I feel guilty for calling him a jerk. Mostly because I know there's a good chance he could see it. He doesn't seem like the kind of person who would forget where he could read details about a person he, on the surface, ignores.

but let me talk directly to you. It appalls me that you were able to completely break contact with me after the egregious jackassery I forgave in 2008. Maybe I should rephrase that, because I don't really feel like I really forgave you fully...because you never owned up fully. Virgos have a real problem with "I'm sorry".

I think what galls me the most, is the fact that you dropped me cold along with the hordes of other virtue signaling douchecanoes who severed ties with people they loved because the media that they rely on **to tell them who they are**, told them "this is what we do now". I always thought that you were an independent thinker. I always thought that you were smarter than me (not much, but you have an impressive vocabulary and that can be deceiving). Now I know for certain that you're not; that you cannot even see through this very plain program that was implemented to shape your views, that has worked like a charm and bamboozled you to the point that you'll ditch people who are part of your history and actually defend it as you follow along like a trained, submissive sheep, to slaughter...and it really surprised me. You're sacrificing your liberty to remain on the right side of manufactured virtue created by globalist demons who would see you piled in a hole with the millions of others just like you.

And if you're clucking your tongue right now over my "redneck conspiracy theory".. I dare you to research it, Thinking Man. I dare you to dig into Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates (and SO many more) and the truth of the World Economic Forum and Davos, patents, Agenda 2030, and the very real, easily proven plan that has been implemented for decades before our very eyes and fooled us ALL for a long while...the plan you remain in lockstep with. I bet they wish we were all like you, because were we, they would have reached their goal by now.

Though I'm stunned (and quite angered) by your behavior, I still care about what happens to you, and I still pray for your family. More so now, that I'm fairly confident all of you have lined up to get as many shots of experimental gene therapy as you were allowed. I know you shot up your son at your first opportunity (because you broadcast it on social media for your virtue gold star) and I know that he's your pride and joy, and that proves that you've been well and truly bamboozled by a lying would-be world government that is poisoning you and your family ***with your mother fucking permission.*** So yes, I pray for all of you.

If your temper allowed you to read this far, know that there are protocols that can help you rebuild your immune system after it's been destroyed by the jab. If you only got one shot you're doing okay, but if you had more than two your immunity has taken a devastating hit (unless the theory that many were given saline so everyone wouldn't die at once, is true, and you and your family were among the lucky). You may find that your family members who are prone to cancer develop more, and faster. There are strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, neurological issues; a slew of problems come with that shot and I I'm just grateful that I haven't seen any evidence of your son having myocarditis. And if you are rolling your eyes at that, I challenge you to explain to me why life insurance companies report that all-cause deaths between the ages of 18 and 49 have increased by 40% since the rollout of the vaccine. Of course, the media has flooded your eyes and ears with multiple stories regarding the seemingly innocuous things that can cause a person to suddenly have a stroke or heart attack; they have to say **something** to keep you from looking at the ONE fucking obvious thing that changed...but if you're not absolutely full-on retarded, you should be able to see that something is WRONG. Here's a hint: ITS THAT STUPID SHOT THAT YOU AND A LARGE PORTION OF HUMANITY TOOK. The protocol to help repair, involves NAC, vitamin c, and d3. Please look into it and do what you can to restore what you have willingly done to yourself and your family.

One day, if you survive, you'll know that I was right about all of this. A lot of people are fooled. When you realize that you're among them, know that I will gladly welcome you back into our near-lifelong friendship. I'm certain that, as is your fashion, you'll find your way around the thorough apology you owe me.

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