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2020-09-17 - 2:12 p.m.

Young Myra and The Giant Inflatable Banana

When I was a kid, one could still wander away from home and not get nabbed, porked, dismembered or sold. The good ole days, as it were.

One day I wandered (or maybe I got permission, because I was wearing my bathing suit and ready to roll...but I had to walk to get there) to a friend's home to play in her kiddie pool. I don't remember the kid, or the location (except it was in Colorado Springs) but man, I remember that day, or rather, a specific memory of that day, because it was THE BEST DAY EVER.

Why? Because not only did that friend have a kiddie pool, something I never had access to, but she also had A GIANT INFLATABLE BANANA that we were able to float on, ride on, and play with. That giant banana made my under-six-year-old DAY...and consequently, apparently, my life...because at my current age, I still reflect on that experience, splashing around in a kiddie pool, wrangling a giant inflatable banana, and I get the same joyous charge in my heart that I got when I was that kid. I remember the feeling of pure glee, and fun, and excitement.

I'm glad I can access that memory, and that feeling. I was happy person then, and I'm a happy person now. That's a real blessing!

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