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2018-03-12 - 8:16 p.m.

My Two

My kids, 22 and 16, are cleaning my kitchen while discussing the Bible, God's intention, man's interference, and the eventuality of all hell literally breaking loose.

Did I mention they're cleaning my kitchen?

I just made a delicious chicken marsala. It was DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSS I tell you. Because this girl right hurr can COOK. It was great. I ate a normal portion. It's another win.

Our lives are completely unorthodox.

I am not doing it like anyone else I know.

I am homeschooling my daughter in a MOST bohemian way; a way that would likely make anyone privy to our method turn their head like a dog hearing a strange sound, yet it couldn't be more perfect. She is brilliant, and becoming more so every day. Wildly talented, in art and music, she will be something great. What she *won't* under anyone's thumb.

She is her mother's daughter.

My son is finding his way. He has a sharp and inquisitive mind which keeps trying to find a way that he can start at the top. That's youth; he'll find (as will my daughter) that it can't be that way immediately, but, like his sister, and his mama...he WILL be free in spirit. Eventually. He'll find his path and it will be a direct line out from under "the thumb". His spirit won't let him do it any other way.

I'm proud of my kids.

Did I mention they're cleaning my kitchen?

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