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2020-01-21 - 9:23 p.m.


So my job, for whom I work my ass off, for whom I give all my goodie...created a REWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD for those of us who have built the business to the degree that HUGE RADIO GIANT Cumulus bought our service and is rolling it out nationwiiiide, a movement that will make our employer rich-ER than they already are, by far.

The reward is a trip to LA. Wheeee! What a boon! How fun! Hot DOG!

But, hold your horses, buck-o. Today, the CDC announced it'll be channeling all flights from China to 5 specific airports...two of which are airports I'd have to pass through to get to my REWARRRD. The reason? An "outbreak" of weird-ass, deadly Corona virus, a respiratory scourge that's killing people originating from a market in Wuhan, China, which has just made it's deadly way to the US! Apparently, animals at the market passed the scourge to people, and now it's spreading globally, yaaaaaaaaaaaay! This strain, which is deadly to people with "underlying health issues" meeeeeeeeeeeee, who very nearly died last week, unable to breathe from a run-of-the-mill chest cold! Yes, the new, fancy, deadly Corona virus originates from China and because of Chinese New Year, January 25, Chinese are traveling in droves! And because of the risk to the US population, the flights are all being rerouted to five airports...two of which were on my itinerary….before I cancelled the trip.

The universe threw me a bone!

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a scourge that could kill me, that just so happened to intersect DIRECTLY with my path to a once-in-a-blue-moon fun thing that seemed like a long-awaited reciprocation for my hard work, dedication to excellence, and continual trying to be good in the world.


Can't take you up on your all expenses paid trip to LA. Gotta not die. Thanks, though.


No thanks.

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