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2021-12-20 - 11:09 a.m.

Natural Immunity Rocks

Whoaaaaa, Christmas! Here it comes. It has run up on me all sudden-like, and I've got a lot to do. This year I am responsible for much of the festivities, food-wise (and I'm always responsible for making the magic for my little family) and we have just evaded disaster thanks to God, our apparently natural immunity due to prior infection, and my supplement regimen, when the smallest member of our family presented with fever, deep, painful coughing, sore throat and headache Friday morning. The weekend has been a real test; he's been very sick, indeed. Thank you Lord, for sparing me and the rest of the household. It was rough and he felt awful. His fever broke overnight last night and I'm feeling very grateful to God for getting us through with time to spare before we gather with my cancer warrior (and winner, but still fresh from very harsh treatments and very fragile) sister and elderly parents, and my niece and her new husband and baby. So glad that by the time we gather, I'll feel solidly safe knowing recovery is complete and no one is contagious.

We don't know if it was covid, or not. I called his elementary school to ask if anyone had reported the illness and no one had. it could've been flu, or just a very nasty cold. Whatever it was, it had sharp teeth and a bad attitude.

I feel deeply for many people, those I don't know and those I do, fear-driven friends and family members (though none immediate, they're still very much loved) who have been lulled, or frightened, or pressured, or bullied, or shamed into allowing themselves to be poisoned with the "jab that does nothing but harm". Now their bodies and protective systems are forever changed at a cellular level. They've done what they were told, unquestioningly, and have taken into their bodies a "solution" which is no solution at all, but a bigger problem than any manufactured virus could ever be. They've left themselves vulnerable to any and all illness from jab day forward by taking into their systems an immunity destroyer. Double that for those who put their children in the path of that dangerous injection, the fallout of which will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. What are they thinking? Spare them, Lord. Make a way for them to be safe, despite being led to make such a huge mistake with their health and the health of their defenseless kids. Please provide the pathway to healing for all of them...even the ones who have been real buttholes about this. They have been fools to believe the narrative, and are purely ignorant to not see the glaring obvious: this jab is a bioweapon, and the goal is depopulation. This entire situation, from the lie of the "wet market" on, has been brought about to get this weapon into your body. It's a ploy, a trick, a lie... it prevents nothing, it stops no spread. All it does is make sure you become vulnerable to any and all illness. It hurts hearts. It clots blood. it causes strokes and illnesses down the line that will be blamed on other things, the narratives for which are already being cleverly (but SO stupid ARE you?) crafted. Does it not make you suspicious to suddenly see the media presenting articles detailing all the many things that "cause heart attacks" that you never heard of before? The "kids have strokes too!" propaganda, the "here's why teens are having more heart attacks" set-ups? The excuses for why athlete are dropping like flies? They are trying to create pathways to death that they can blame for what the eagerly-accepted jab has done to you. They're manufacturing those lies now and putting them out there to use them later when people start dying in great numbers.

I pray I'm wrong. You should pray, too.

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