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2022-01-09 - 9:04 p.m.

Disco Inferno

Hoooooooooooooooooooo, I am HILARIOUS! I just wrote out something so incredibly toxic and funny that I'm both ashamed and in awe of myself, at once. ...sometimes, I really love me.

Life is a wild ride. I would like six seconds when I don't have to be in fear of a loved one's health. I would like to hunt down the fuckers who created this virus and kill them with my bare hands. Soon enough, the veil will be lifted and the truth will come out.

They're intercepting packages of Ivermectin from overseas pharmacies, and destroying them. When have you ever heard of such? Ivermectin: a drug that's been on the market and used for decades for everything from scabies to river blindness. Perfectly safe with a long history of efficacy and safety, and study upon study (all ignored entirely by the CDC and NIH and not mentioned by the media at all because it doesn't jibe with the narrative) shows it is a tremendous help to those sick with the covid, reducing hospitalization and death 75%...and they're going as far as to INTERCEPT AND DESTROY these lifesaving drugs. Because that would save some lives. And that's not the point of this little exercise, is it, kids?

Fuck ALL OF YOU. I am a creative, resourceful and ingenuitive person, and I will circumvent your BULLSHIT. I will crack open a fresh bottle the day you face the firing squads and toast your arrival in hell.

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