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2022-05-30 - 1:29 p.m.

two things

So two things:

1.) I just read over my last entry and would like to apologize to anyone besides me who might not enjoy a laundry list of vegetables and other gardening minutiae. I don't believe I have any readers... Even my sister seems to have dropped off... Or maybe not. She's got a password on her page now that was applied after one of my children heard a word that when googled only brought up one thing: wilberteet's diary. So until that child, who has an idactic memory, forgets that word.. the Teets of Wilbur shall remain locked. And...

2.) I recently started doing entries using my phone dictating. Like, my last entry. Unfortunately the negative side of that is that it goes on forever because I don't get tired of typing. That's why you're more likely to hear 37 seconds of talk about turnips. Lol.

However this method is so much easier, then I'll probably have a lot more to say. I mean at any given time I do have a lot to say. Funny though, the most intimate things I don't even want to say to this diary. Because of the chance of... I guess, sister. And, whoever else may know me in real life and still look at this diary, which amounts to about three people, actually. Some things you just don't want even those three to know. Not that I have anything good going on in my life that is salacious. I don't. If I did, I would totally tell my sister though. And speaking of my sister, there's nothing I really hide from her except for my worries regarding the state of her health. She is in a battle against a very dangerous form of cancer. We've claimed her healing and I fully expected but I still have my worries which at times I'm tempted to voice here. But I don't want her to hear them, so I don't. Even though she's made no indication that she still stops by my remains.

The '80s gig came and went and I'm really glad that I decided against giving myself an unfortunate hairdo. 2 hours before the gig, I saw a post online advertising the night's events at the venue, saying, "Join us for our LUAU PARTY" with My Band. Sure enough, we got there, and everybody got lei'd. Since I haven't been lei'd in QUITE some time, I'm glad my hair didn't look stupid.

It was a good gig. My parents and 83-year-old Aunt showed up to check it out, along with my sister, and my first cousin. The aunt and first cousin were visiting from the next state up. They picked the one place we play that's actually just a straight-up bar. My aunt enjoyed herself, nonetheless.

It's another beautiful day in the Ozarks and my garden looks even better than it did the last time I bored this diary to death with the details, so I'll spare you the account today. Just know that all of the vegetables aforementioned are even bigger and better now and all is verdant and glorious.

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