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2016-10-14 - 10:45 p.m.


I'm not sure what I wrote last time. I wanted to write several times about something that had me furious but the whole thing was so convoluted that it upset me to try to sort it out. In addition I was worried about my son's health and that had me twisted even further than usual. My son has been cancer, thank God. The other issue...I forgave. The person who upset me genuinely apologized and I love her and forgive her every time she does it. it will happen again. She can't help herself. When it does, I'm going to enact a plan that I took far too long to put into place. Operation Duck and Cover. No more Hippo Farts. One day, when I feel more like typing, I'll explain that.

I'll write this, then go read what I wrote last. I fought making an entry about what was going on and don't remember if I succeeded in suppressing the urge to try to write it out. If I didn't....I hope I was vague. Otherwise, It'll be one of those entries I want erase afterward, when the temperature is lower.

I'll go ahead and admit right here that there is only one person I know of who is reading this diary at present and I owe her some correspondence. We were mailing regularly and then I fell off and haven't really been back. Life gets in the way sometimes and that's precisely what happened. So, this is a little note to her...hi, friend. Forgive me for being lax. Lately, the only writing I feel like doing outside of the creative writing I do in this uncomfortable chair all day, is this diary. It's temporary. I'll be back in your inbox soon with some PROGRESS reports!

The sister unit and I are one week out from a lovely trip we're taking together to the beautiful Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. It'll be just us, and were both really looking forward to it. Our lives parallel, and we have both had a rough go this year. We are looking very forward to some beautiful Fall foliage and relaxation...and we'll also be looking for a place to cast our permanent camp in the future. Both of us love that area and have decided that's where we need to move. This vacation is a recon mission.

My back hurts more than my hiney from this tiny, hateful little chair. I am just gonna have to break down and get a new chair.

I'm going to go and work on my art project. It's a pumpkin for my step-granddaughter...she's 1 and they have her in a pageant this Sunday. for whatever reason ,she has to enter a pumpkin, I'm crafting a dragon coming out of the pumpkin her mama brought to me. It's going to be nifty...polymer clay, paint, and a really nifty pumpkin stem that looked dragon-y.

Just call me craftypants, cause I are.

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