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2016-11-08 - 4:28 p.m.


I'm so ready for this test to be over.

I mean, unless the test is life itself.

I'm not ready to die yet. I just want to go back to just floating happily along without so many heavy concerns pummeling me at every turn.

I'm tired of challenges. I'm tired of bad news. I'm tired of this whole thing. Every day, a new wrinkle, something new to worry about. Some more news that I've got to do this, this and this, I must pay this, then this, then pay some more...and your health? Eh, you're screwed, sister. Your premium is now more than your house note. Just suck it up, eat your vegetables, drink water, exercise and pay the fine, and hope for the best. So you can't breathe, too bad! The good news is, if you're out of all that debt.


I'm sick of it.



And angry. I'm a good person, and I care about others , and I do the right thing when no one is looking. Where the everloving FUCK did I get all this karma????????

OK, I just read over that and came back to add this: I have not always done the right thing when no one was looking. In fact, I've done a couple of pretty darn skeezy things in my day. So, I reckon I've earned every bit of what I'm slogging through.

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