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2021-10-21 - 1:18 p.m.

Fall, at Last!

I love living in a place where Fall FEELS like Fall.

So many years of living on a griddle. Sweaty Halloween. Hot Christmas. Feh. Louisiana has it's charm for sure, but climate AIN'T IT. But here, in the beautiful Ozarks,it's a foliage fest with crisp temps. It's a breezy, mountainous utopia; a smorgasbord of beauty and made me buy a bag of pumpkin spice flavored coffee beans. I never buy pumpkin spice ANYTHING, but lo! It's done. It was mighty fine, too, and it's already gone. Now we're enjoying Gingerbread Coffee. It's good, too.

My little fellow will be enjoying his first Halloween and we're all excited. Well, not his first October 31st, but the first Halloween he's experienced while not living in a house full of religious nut, fun-ruiners. It might as well be his first. It's gonna be his first FUN one, anyway. We've made him a costume and he's delighted with it. Libby is so talented, and as much as he gets on her very last, raw and pulsating, exposed nerve, she went out of her way to make his costume just right and she was happy when he was happy. Very sweet.

I made a miniature haunted house out of cardboard bits and it's extraordinary. I'm so proud of it! It has a little working porch light and everything. I put a ghost in it, lurking in the middle level. I think it looks quite erie, shimmering in the "firelight"...but Libby said it looks like "the haunted boner". I laughed a lot at totally DOES. lololol

No Halloween night gig, thank goodness. I let the guys know that we take Halloween seriously round here, so hopefully nothing will crop up that I have to slap down. Still toying with the idea of playing the gigs we DO have around Halloween, in costume. I should've ordered the contact lenses!

I should work.


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