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2022-08-04 - 11:31 a.m.

The Call of the Nyquil Bird

Last night I dreamt of a tiny, little yellow bird that was someone's pet, but that loved me and flew to me on sight. It was so little, and so sweet. It was being kept in a small cage and it seemed whomever was keeping it wasn't caring for it well. It was very pleased to see me, and it lit on my shoulder, hand, or wherever it could, and rode along as I walked. It was a very pleasant feeling. It almost makes me want to buy a bird...but I know the dream bird is a very different experience than the REAL bird, who will get out of it's cage and fly out of your house and be chased away by a bluejay when you're just about to catch it, leaving you heartbroken for decades wondering (and imagining) what happened to poor little Rooster Cogburn. Don't ask me how I know.

Also, I just went through the new variant. Very mild. Annoyed that I caught it considering the number of vitamins I take, but grateful to have it over in just a couple days and SUPER glad to have again whipped it naturally. No elite's injection for the masses here. I'm grateful that I trust God and think for myself, and that no one I love has taken that shot. I'll never regret that decision, and I won't stop praying for the folks I know who took it thinking they could trust the people pushing it. But cripes...I don't know how they can look at the facts of who is banking on it, how much work/censoring/hiding information they've done to push it, how little it actually does to help anyone versus how many people have been injured or killed, and still insist it is the right thing. I mean, the fact alone that they tried to hide the details from public view for 75 YEARS is VERY telling, I would think, to anhyone who is...thinking. I guess...once you take it, you've no choice but to support it or you're admitting that you made a mistake. Some folks just can't do that. Until they have a stroke or their formerly healthy child develops myocarditis. grateful for eyes that see, ears that hear, and the sense to trust the One Living God and not man.

That little bird came from Nyquil. Worth it! ;)

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