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2021-03-11 - 4:02 p.m.


One time, a person insulted me to my core.

It was the kind of insult from which there should be no return; it was very thorough.

I'm a forgiver (though clearly, not a forgetter) and as we had been friends from our youth, I felt the relationship was important enough to salvage. So, through much personal effort on my part, I got over that incredible insult (well, no I didn't...but he doesn't know that) and I continued to treat that person with care when he would come sniffing around.

Fast forward 12 years:

I supported the "wrong" political candidate. Apparently, that's all it took for him to withdraw.

That's an eye opener. I mean, even before the slap in the face, I knew that he was a pompous ass, but I didn't know he was a PETTY, pompous ass.

I anxiously await the fast-coming time when he also knows, for absolute certain, that he is also a *politically retarded*, petty, pompous ass. That will be personally satisfying indeed.

I gave the man far more credit than he deserved all this time. I've got to learn to BELIEVE people the first time, when they show me who they are.

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