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2022-06-30 - 12:23 a.m.

I Love Him, I Tell You

I love a guy.

He doesn't know it, and it'll stay that way, as he's much younger than me and has small children, with which I want nothing to do...
but...OOO, I love him.

He's just like I like 'em: long and tall yet thickened a bit, as he's sporting a very nice dadbod, with beautiful, wide, dark brown eyes and long brown hair. Lort.

Big hands.
Big brain.
Big vocabulary.
Big interests.
Dedicated to his family and his business.


He made a special effort to come out from behind the bar tonight to hug me before I left. I casually hugged him back, but in my brain and heart I was YELLING I LOVE YOOOU

...but I was cool about it.

He said I was "lovely, as usual".

He made lots of efforts to talk with me.

He reached out to touch me when he walked by. Holy moly.

And that hug.

YIP. I love you, cornfed bar owner.

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